First Pregnancy Journey 4-12 Weeks

It all started when I was in work and I had bought a pregnancy test from the shop around the corner because I just hadn’t been feeling right and couldn’t put my finger on it so i thought I would get one just to make sure because when I had an ectopic pregnancy a few months before that I had no idea I was pregnant. So while I was on my break I thought why not i’ll go do the test then no more than 5 mins later there it was, them two pink lines!

I was in complete shock and couldn’t believe it, ‘I was going to have baby’!I ran out to find my partner as he worked in the same place. (thats how we met) He was shocked too but we were both happy,very excited and nervous because of what happened to us before.

I would love to say we kept it to ourselves but after a week or so we ended up telling the family, plus by week 6/7 I was very sick and could hardly keep food down. It was so bad that I had to take a few weeks off work and I even had my partners parents calling to our house to help me out as there was days I couldn’t even get out of bed. I tired all the things I could for sickness, ginger ale, eating little often ect but nothing worked for me. At 6 weeks I went to the hospital for an early pregnancy scan to make sure it was in the right place this time because if the ectopic I had previous to that. Thankfully everything was going good which helped me relax a little bit but the sickness was making it hard.

By week 12 I was doing a little better but still not great and going to my 12 week scan was a bit of a struggle because the whole time I thought I was going to throw up and I still had trouble eating much at all.

Never the less our 12 week scan was amazing, My partner and I were in completely in love with this tiny little person growing inside me.

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