Our Princess – 1 Month Old

I cant believe how much our lives have change since you came along and I just cant believe that you are 1 month old already. I honestly cant stop staring at you. You are the most beautiful little thing.

Here’s an update of your first month.

  • You have been waking up twice during the night but normally around 2am then around 5 or 6am so I count myself lucky.
  • You have been breast feeding well and sometimes I give you formula to top you up as its hard to keep up to you,plus mummy is still learning all this.
  • Your first bath at home went great and we even put you in your very first dress and took a photo which mummy used as the photo and all the thank you cards to give everyone to thank them for your presents.
  • Your weight at one month is 8lbs 8oz
  • You have had lots of visitors over the past few weeks and they were all excited meeting you.