My Journey Through IVF Part Two

The day of the egg collection came and I was feeling so nervous that I honestly thought I was going to be sick. Sitting the waiting room waiting to be called felt like a year but was probably only about 10 mins in reality.

Hubby and I were brought to a room and was given a gown to change into while they prepared the drugs and other scary looking things. An IV line was put in my arm for giving pain relief. Once the doctor was ready I was given the pain relief which made me feel completely out of it but they said thats whats suppose to happen. It sort of felt like you were completely drunk lol. During the procedure the only really painful part was when the needle went into the ovary which obviously happened twice but I can honestly say the whole thing wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

After the egg collection procedure I was wheeled in to the recovery ward and told that I would be monitored there for the next hour and if all was good then I could go home and rest. During the time I was resting in recovery my hubby was sent of to give his sample and we were also told that they had collected 8 Eggs which was fantastic and the next day we could phone to see how many have fertilised overnight.

When I got home I was a bit sore but the pain was more like having really bad period pains so I mostly lay about on the sofa which was hard because i’m normally the sort of person would likes to be up doing something.

When I made the call so see how the embryos where doing there was only 6 that had fertilised which was still really great news and they give me a time to come back in 3 days later to have the best one transferred.

So transfer day came and they said they picked the best quality embryo to put back and there was two other that were good enough to be frozen for the future. So after the transfer I went home to rest. It was a strange feeling after the embryo was put back because you sort of feel paranoid walking about like its gonna fall out lol of course thats not actually possible but didn’t stop me walking like a penguin to the car lol.

The two week wait to do the pregnancy test felt like forever and I can honestly say I broke and did a test 4 days early and to my complete shock it was positive! So everyday until my actual test day I did a test because I couldn’t quite believe it was real.

I wouldn’t lie IVF had its up and downs for us but lucky the outcome was a miracle for us and was worth every needle and every second of pain.

My heart goes out to all the couples out there who have been or are going through this. Never give up, everyones story is different but miracles can happen.

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