Second Pregnancy Journey 4-12 Weeks

So we tried for a couple of years to get pregnant and in the end decided to try a round of IVF in hope of a second child. And as we nervously waited for test day I have to admit that I cracked and run to tesco before the date to buy a pregnancy test and to my complete surprise there it was, them two pink lines, now one of them was a little lighter than the other which made me nervous but the next day and on the official test day it was darker. I honestly must have tested about 6 times because I wanted to make sure this was really true. There was a big buzz of excitement in our house and I couldn’t have been happier that we would finally have a sibling for our daughter.

Now that we had found out the next hurdle was waiting for our 8 week early scan to make sure it was all good and in the right place due to my past ectopic pregnancies it was important for me to have this done.

At the 8 week scan we were told all was good and that peanut the second was in the right place. Thankfully for me this time around I hadn’t suffered as much morning sickness as I did my first time. This time I felt nauseous but with my first I actually couldn’t stop throwing up. Some people told me to try ginger ale and biscuit for the sickness but believe you me it didn’t work at all, for me it was crackers with cheese and tomatoes which was strange as the first time round I couldn’t even look at cheese. This pregnancy really felt different compared to my first time round.

I spoke to my midwife on the phone who organised and booked us into the local hospital for our 12 week scan and appointment to get booked in.

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