Mummy’s Little Man – 6 Months Old

You are now 6 Months old and I honestly cant picture my life without you little dude.


  • You rolled over for the first time which was a very proud mummy moment for me. You have been trying so hard to do it for weeks.
  • Your sister got you first ever wave bye bye one of the mornings she was heading out to school. This made her feel special. Its lovely to see the bond between you two..
  • You are well into starting  solid food but only eating a meal a day at the moment and the rest is 6oz bottles.
  • You found your hands and feet now and cant stop playing with them.
  • With your Countless nappy changes it makes me wonder were does it all come from. lol
  • You also have a second tooth coming through but you are breezing through teething so easy we wouldn’t even know.
  •  You are well into wearing your 6-9 clothes now.
  • Your last weight was 18lbs 5 oz on 5th May so becoming a big boy.