Rolling Over Time

Proud mummy today as my little man rolled over this morning for the first time. He was attempting to grab his sisters homework. For the past few days he had been trying so hard and just couldn’t get all the way around but he has finally figured it out. I set toys close to him so it encouraged him to try and roll.


So, When Do Babies Roll Over?

Some babies roll over as early as three months of age. However if your baby takes much longer than this, it’s completely normal. It is more likely that your baby will roll over between 4-7 months of age. At the end of the day, you can’t tell when the person next to you started walking, so don’t panic if your baby doesn’t even look like he/she is ready to roll over as they all take there own time in doing it and may surprise you some day.

Good head, neck and upper body strength is required for a baby to roll over. Tummy time is great for a baby’s upper body strength, however some babies don’t like tummy time and my own little man really isn’t keen on tummy time. His sister was the opposite and loved tummy time plus she also rolled over a month earlier that what her little brother has done now.

Something important to be wary of is safety as you can’t predict when your baby will roll for the first time, so make sure you change or dress them on a secure surface and use safety straps if there available. If you keep a hand on your baby at all times it can help you sense your baby’s movements, as they have no sense of their surroundings yet when you put your baby down somewhere its a good idea to assume that your baby may roll over, and assess the surroundings to make sure they are safe. I sometimes lay my little man in his baby gym on the floor to play so that if he rolled over it would be on a safe flat surface.

Should I Encourage My Baby To Roll Over?

Some first time mummy’s can’t wait for her little one to roll but ask second or third time mums and they might say, ‘Not yet!’ It can be pretty exciting to see one of the first big milestones for your baby, but its you’re own personal decision if you want to encourage your baby to roll or not but its going to happen eventually. Use your own intuition when deciding if and when you’d like to encourage your baby to roll. If you’d like to help encourage your baby to roll over, one of their toys can be a good incentive, this is what i did with my little man and it really helped him. Its best to place a toy at eye level and far enough away from them so they can maybe just touch it which may encourage them to roll around to get the toy.

If and when your baby rolls over for the first time its good to give them an encouraging cheer or clap, after all, they will probably be pretty chuffed at themselves, so a bit of loving encouragement lets them know they done a positive thing.