Our Little Man – 7 Months Old

Hard to believe my little man is 7 Months old where does the time go.


  • He has really got the hang of this rolling over now and he can do it both ways and roll back around again.
  • He’s really trying hard at the crawling thing but normally shuffles himself along the floor a little before getting frustrated and rolling over onto his back again.
  • He is now eating 3 solid meals a day and trying lots of new tastes the current favorites are banana and mango puree and butternut squash with sweet potatoes. He has now went from 5 bottles a day to 4.
  • Currently still sleeps through the night for a solid 8-9 hours sometimes more.I just love coming into his room in the morning because he gives the biggest smile every time.
  • He totally loves his big sister and is always so amused by her, he loves when she gets down on the floor and talks to him in his little baby gym, he get so excited and kicks every leg and arm at the same time while shouting little sounds at her.
  • Had to start putting on some 9-12 month clothes as he is getting so tall and growing out of everything. Although he still fits all his 6-9 month clothes for now.
  • He now has 3 teeth and another doesn’t look far from coming.