Our Little Man – 8 Months

I honestly don’t know where the last month has gone but here we are and my little man is now 8 Months Old.


  • He is starting to try to sit up on his own and can do it for about a minute before he falls over.
  • The crawling is still a work in progress and he is still trying hard to figure it out.
  • He is still eating all around him and really enjoys dinner times when everyone sits at the table together. I have introduced little biscotti biscuits as a treat and he loves them.
  • So we went from 3 teeth up 5 now… two bottom teeth, one at the top front and two teeth on each side of his mouth.
  • He still sleeps all night and sometimes rolls onto his tummy to sleep which does make mummy and daddy nervous.
  • This month he had tonsillitis which was awful to see him go through and he hated the antibocis but he was a wee star during it, pretty sure he caught it of his sister as she had it too. This was a first that I had to deal with a sick baby as his sister didnt really get ill when she was a baby.
  • He’s making lots of sounds now and loves singing in his cot in the morning.