Our Little Man – 9 Months Old


  • He’s really getting the hang of the sitting up alone now but he still falls over especially when he gets really excited about something.
  • No Crawling as yet but he can sure shuffle himself around the living room floor to reach what he wants. Sometimes I think he’s going to be one of these babys that walks before they crawl.
  • He has worked out how to go forwards and backwards in his walker and his new tricks are trying to get things from the tv cabinet or the small table we have. Silly me left the baby biscuits on the table last week and when i when into the kitchen to get something i came back and he had manged to help himself to them. I could do nothing but laugh and he totally deserved the biscuit since he worked hard to get it, even better my hubby managed to snap a picture of it on the phone.
  • There is another tooth coming through so that makes him up to 6 teeth now.
  • He’s eating all around him quite happy and we are still steadily on 3 7oz bottles a day and 3 solids meals which he is happy with, i do keep him in a routine when it comes to feeds but sometimes i just let him decided when hes hungry. He likes the odd biscuit or piece of fruit as a snack. At the Minute he loves the new banana ring biscuits by Organix.
  • His cot has now been changed to the low setting and the baby gates are coming out to keep him away from our stairs even thought he hasn’t shown any interest yet but you never know.
  • He’s still finding his sounds and can say muma and dada really well but he does love to scream noises as loud as he can to see if you listen to him. oh and lets not forgot the singing in the cot in the morning although i like waking up to that.