Our Little Man – 10 Months

I really don’t know where the past month has gone and I can’t believe in two months he will be a year old but he is sure growing fast. He’s always happy and smiling, and I am proud to be his mummy.


  • He has learnt to clap his hands together and I still haven’t managed to capture a video of it as he seems to refuse to do when the camera is on him,lol
  • He still has 6 teeth and no signs yet of anymore yet.
  • A few weeks ago we started a baby and toddler group which he really enjoy going to.
  • He has been moving on to foods that have more lumps and his new favourite is potatoes, vegetables and chicken mashed up.
  • He can crawl around everywhere but sometimes he still likes to do the shuffling along the floor like a little snake.
  • He really enjoys the trips out in the buggy everyday to go and pick up his sister from school.Plus it keeps mummy fit.
  • He’s getting tall like his daddy and was measured 2 weeks ago at 74cm long.
  • Still wearing 9-12 month clothes but i don’t think we are getting long out of them.