Mummy’s Little Man – 12 Months Old

So here we are and you are a big one year old and I am so proud to be your mummy, so here’s your monthly update.

  • You now have another tooth, so that takes you up to 7 now and you never give us any fuss over it.
  • You can now stand up against the sofa and anything you think you can climb on.
  • You never stop eating all round you but I am happy that you are.
  • The new juice cup I got you a while ago you have finally decided to accept it and drink from it. So am a happy mummy now.
  • When I put music on and you have now started doing little wiggles to it when you see mummy dancing too.
  • You are getting so tall and will soon need a whole new wardrobe
  • You love spending time with your sister and I know you miss her when she is at school.



Happy Birthday to my Special Little Man