Christmas Family Traditions

At this time of the year some of us have various traditions in our families that we love to do each year. Sometimes its those traditions that makes Christmas feel like Christmas for us so I thought I would share a few of our own family traditions.

  • We always decorate our tree together as a family while playing a Christmas film in the background. ( This year my daughter choose Elf).
  • Each Christmas we always go to the local Christmas market and always try the different foods on offer. One of the dishes we had this year was spit roasted hog and stuffing,this was a great way to let the kids try new things that we wouldn’t normally have at home.
  • Attending our church carol service is another tradition we like to do each year, after all Christmas is about celebrating the birth of baby Jesus.
  • Pizza on Christmas Eve, yes that’s right we usually have pizza together on Christmas Eve. Not sure how that one started but we enjoy it never the less and its great as we make our own home-made pizzas most years.
  • Leaving a carrot out for Santa’s reindeer and cookies for Santa is always done in our house on Christmas eve and am sure there’s lots of other children that love to do this too. We even try and bake our own cookies. If mummy has time that is.
  • We always have Family Visits on Christmas morning depending on our plans for Christmas dinner. We would see both our parents as it important to share the day with family and for the grandparents to see the kids and share in their happy memories.
  • Every year I video record the kids opening there gifts and take clips throughout the day so that our memory’s will always be cherished, and of course lots of photos too so when they are grown up they have plenty to look back on.

These are just a few of our many traditions but the most important thing is to spend time with our love ones this holiday season.