Mummy’s Little Man – 13 Months Old

Little Man you are 13 Months old now so here is your little update.Your growing so fast everyday and I cherish every little moment we have together.

image1 (1)

  • You have grown so much that your into some of your 18-24 month clothes already, mostly sleep suits and tops.
  • You have your back teeth coming through now and you never give me any bother while you were teething.
  • You really enjoyed Christmas and all your lovely new toys from Santa.It was lovely seeing your face all lit up with excitement on Christmas morning.
  • You had a little cold over the Christmas break but you never let it stop you playing and having fun with your sister.
  • You still don’t like the noise of the hoover and you crawl away crying when its on.Mummy is sorry for that one but the cleaning needs done so you can make more mess.
  • I let you have your first piece of proper chocolate just to try it and you loved it just like I thought you would.
  • You are still standing up against anything you can now and your doing so well learning your balance.
  • I have moved you up to size 5 nappies now since you seem to have had a little growth spurt.