Bumpsters Cot Bed Bumper Set Review

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be sent  Bumpsters Cot Bed Bumpers to review from a company called Hippy Chick via Bizziebaby reviews. I used these for 6 weeks before reviewing them and I am still using them in my sons cot today. So here is my honest opinion on this product.

On First impression I thought that these would be great for stopping my son bumping his head of the bars on his cot when hes rolling around. I loved that these came in a zip up bag which makes it easy to take with you if you were going to stay overnight somewhere or on holiday. The instructions were straight forward and very easy to follow. In the instructions it said about washing the Bumpsters and I have to say after a normal 30°C wash they came out like new. The quality is excellent and they are well made with the Velcro either side to attach them to the cot bars.

Now to be completely honest I thought that bumpsers were a little overpriced but the product itself is great regardless of the cost and I would consider purchasing it if I saw this on offer myself. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with babies and toddlers as its great for avoiding them bumps on the head when baby rolls around in the cot.


Overall Bumpsters have been great at protecting my sons head when he accidently bangs against the cot bars and are completely fit for purpose.They fitted very easy on to my son’s cot bars and they still allowed the air to circulate around the cot which is great. They are soft and the design is lovely which matches in well with my son’s nursery. Hippy Chick also sell bumpsters in a range of different designs/colours so its easy to pick one to match baby’s nursery.


So finally I’d like to Thank Hippy chick for sending me these lovely bumpers to review. If anyone is interested in this product or would like to check out their range of other products just visit their web site at www.hippychick.com

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