Our Little Man 14 Months



  • He had his immunisations this month which he took really well. When the nurse injected him and he cried but it stopped pretty fast.
  • He had his check up from the health visitor last week and his weight is now 23lbs 7oz and his height is 86.5 cm.
  • His teeth are still coming through but no new ones this month.
  • He is really starting to learn to communicate with little hand signs that mummy and daddy have been teaching him for example when he wants food he opens and closes his fist fast and moves it towards his mouth.
  • He is trying really hard to walk along the sofa and furniture but he’s still a little nervous about it.
  • We took him to the park and on the swings for the first time and he absolutely loved it and couldn’t stop giggling.
  • He also seen his first snow this past month too and he was completely mesmerised by it.