Our Museum Trip

This weekend we decided to take the kids to our local museum which is only a short train ride away. We choose to use the train as we thought its much easier than sitting in the traffic and the kids love the train. Anyway this weekend the museum was doing a theme all about dinosaurs so we thought we would go and check it out.


When we arrived there was a few staff handing out little maps to the kids which had pictures of different dinosaurs to find and tick off as you walked around. In the main entrance they had some tables with different activities set up such as colouring in, shell painting, badge making and some science experiments for the bigger kids. My daughter made a run for the badge making stand so that kept her busy for little. We then visited the stand with the science experiments were they was doing one on volcanoes were they used baking soda,vinegar and red food colouring to cause a mini explosion, I think the little man was more amused by it his sister who was still distracted by her badge making.


After all that we started the trail around the museum ticking off all the different dinosaurs statues as we went, which made it more exciting for my daughter as she found some of the exhibits a bit boring.We skipped out most of the art section as neither of us are really big into that sort thing so we moved on to the nature part which my daughter enjoyed the most as they had an exhibit filled with lots of stuffed animals to look at then there was another part were you could look in and it was all done like an underwater sea life theme. We then headed round toward the exhibit with all the fossils in it which both the kids found interesting although saying that the little man was most interested in pointing out all the shiny rocks to us. I must say I did enjoy all the nature exhibits they were very well put together. After we had walked around all the nature exhibitions we headed around the history level, which of course is when the little man decided to have a full on crying fit which meant we had to take turns carrying him for a bit while the other got to push the buggy around but I cant complain to much because he fell asleep about 15 minutes later,so I guess the history stuff bores him. (ha ha).


After are long trail around the rest of the history section we decided it was time to call it a day so we found the last few dinosaurs to tick of our map and then headed out to find somewhere to eat. It was a nice visit and the kids enjoyed themselves so I would definitely think about going back again especially when they do special days for kids.

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