Mummy’s Little Man 15 Months

Here is your 15 Month update although theres not a lot to write about this month.

  • You have pretty much all your teeth through now and you actually love it when mummy or daddy brushes them.
  • This month you have been a little poorly with the cold which we all shared around but you coped really well with it.
  • You are really enjoying the new toy corner mummy made in the living room for you and your sister.
  • You have now decided to stand up a lot more but still not got your balance, mummy is so very proud of you for trying so hard.
  • In your baby and toddler group you have become a lot more content and brave, you like to venture around a lot more although when someone talks or smiles at you, you come shying back to mummy.
  • Mummy has started you on vitamins everyday to keep you healthy and build up your immune system.