Reasons Why We Should Read To Our Children

As today is world book day and many children will have dressed up to go to school/nursery to celebrate I Thought I would share a few reasons why we as parents should try and read to our children and the importance of it.

  1. It teaches kids that reading is fun! Early reading for babys and toddlers helps them view books as an indulgence, and not a chore. Children who are exposed to reading are` more likely to choose books over playing video games, watching tv , or other such activities.
  2. Reading can help a child’s concentration and discipline. Toddlers may initially become distracted or bored during story time, but eventually they will learn to stay still and listen for the duration of the book. Along with reading comprehension comes a stronger self-discipline, longer attention span, and better memory retention,  and all of these things will help your child well when they enter primary school.
  3. Better communication skills. When you spend time reading to baby’s and toddlers, they’ll be more likely to express themselves and relate to others in a positive way. By witnessing the interactions between the characters in the books you read, as well as the contact with you during story time, your child will be gaining valuable communication skills.
  4. Builds a strong relationship between you and your child. As your child grows older, they will be on the move more often playing, running, and exploring their environment. Cuddling up with a book lets the two of you slow down and recaptures that sweet, cuddly time you enjoyed when they were a baby. Instead of being seen as a chore, reading will become an activity that will bring the two of you closer together.
  5. Developing Traditions. By reading to your children you are starting a wonderful tradition that means your own children will want to also read to their own children.
  6. It can be a good conversation starter. Books always give us a reason to talk with our children, even if we don’t feel like we have anything to talk about. It keeps communication open when you talk about stories you have read together or with others.
  7. Reading develops a child’s imagination. This is because when we read our brains translate the descriptions we read of people, places and things into pictures. When we’re engaged in a story, we’re also imagining how the characters are feeling. We use our own experiences to imagine how we would feel in their situation.