Our Little Man – 16 Months

Here is you 16 Month update little man. You are growing up so quickly and I always ask myself where does the time go.

  • This month you stood up and walked along with your A frame walker all by yourself. Mummy was so thrilled to have captured it on our video camera for you to watch some day.
  • You and your sister are so close and you really missed her when she went away for the weekend with her girl guides. You were actually looking for her in her room.It was so cute.
  • Your latest trick this month is putting toys in the washing machine so mummy better be careful doing the washing from now on.
  • Over the Easter break mummy was naughty and let you have some chocolate easter eggs, but it was a lovely milky buttons one and of course you loved it and wanted more but mummy is strict with sugar in our house.
  • Lately you hate wearing your socks and shoes and you love pulling them off at any chance you get. I think its become a fun game for you.
  • You have now started say the word ‘Dog’ very clearly every time you see our dog in the room. Your communication is really coming on especially when you want something.
  • You really enjoyed our little trip to the farm over Easter were you were brave an touched a few of the animals while your sister fed them.


Love you more than you know little man.