Packing For Day Trips Out With Little Ones

When heading out for the day I always like to make sure that my changing bag is full of everything we could possibly need to keep the little ones happy. So I thought I would share what we had packed in our bag for a day trip out to the museum.


  • Nappy’s – I always bring about 4 or 5 nappy’s because I never know how many I might need to go through.
  • Wipes – Pretty much an essential item but there great not just for nappy changing time but for cleaning the mucky hands and faces.
  • Changing Mat – I love having my fold up changing mat with me and I feel its its more hygienic and comfortable for my little one.
  • Bibs – In hope of keeping them clothes clean at feeding time.
  • Change of clothes – I would bring a spare body suit,top and trousers just in case there’s a nappy explosion or anything else.
  • Sudocrem – Incase of nappy rash.
  • Travel Cutlery – This is great to keep the spoons and forks clean for feeding time as they have there own little box as you can see in the picture.
  • Bowl – I always like to have my own bowl as it sometimes its easier to put the baby food into for getting heated up as some places wont give you hot water for health and safety reasons which I find silly since they will sell you hot coffee.
  • Baby food Pouch – I bring these on trips out purely for convenience as at home I would normally batch make my own baby food, but these pouches are great if mummy and daddy want to eat somewhere with food not really suitable for baby i.e spicy food places ect.
  • Biscotti Biscuits – I bring these for a little snack and its not just for baby my daughter loves them too.
  • Fruit Bag – Again another little snack as days out can be very long and its good to have something healthy to keep them going. And with my two you cant give one a snack without giving the other.   
  • Juice Bottle – This is pretty essential to keep the little one rehydrated throughout the day.
  • Antibacterial hand gel – To keep them germs away.
  • Tissues – Incase of runny noses or dirty hands.

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