Our Little Man – 18 Months

Wow where has the time gone? Seems like yesterday I was taking him home from the hospital and now he’s 18 Months Old.

  • He got his first walking shoes fitted at clarks and he loved all the attention from the staff there.
  • This month he had his very first dentist visit and his teeth were all perfect, so he got a little sticker just like his big sister.
  • He had a little operation this month too and it broke are hearts that he had to have it done but he did so well and bounced back fast and for that we are so proud of him.
  • Everyday him and his sister are getting closer and closer and i love watching them play together.
  • He was a little naughty and drew on the wallpaper in our hallway with one of his sisters crayons. I totally didn’t expect that until he was older, ha ha but slightly cute as he just looked up and smiled so it was hard to be mad at him.
  • He is now weighing 24lbs exactly and have started wearing some age 2 clothes.