Our Little Man’s Operation

My little man had to go into hospital a few months ago for a little operation, we knew it was coming at some point but when we got the phone call at the start of the week saying to come in it had made my heart sink. I guess you could say it was a bit of a shock as it had been put to the back of my mind for a while from when we were told back before Christmas that he need it. It was a simple operation to his testicles as one side hadn’t dropped.  So here’s my brief story on how it went at the hospital.

The day before he was due to go in I can honestly say both myself and hubby were very anxious about it all. I packed a bag for him with his pjs,nappies,wipes,change of clothes ,his blanket and his favourite soft toy so that we were ready for the morning. That night I didn’t really sleep well with feeling nervous about it all..

I was up at 6am getting everything ready to head up to the hospital and sorting my daughter out ready for school. I had organised her to go to her granddads house while we were at the hospital. Our little man was allowed a small breakfast early but wasn’t allowed food from 8am and no water after 11am as the operation would be around 2pm.

We had arrived at the hospital around 1pm and got checked in and shown to a cot on the ward they had for him. The moment i seen the little cot i burst into tears. (Was so embarrassed that i did cause i didn’t know were that came from) 30 minutes later the doctor came out to explain everything that was going to happen and what they were going to do. They said they wanted one parent to come into theatre to hold him while they give him the mask to be put to sleep.Well both my hubby and I knew it was going to be him, i just couldn’t picture myself holding him crying and fighting while they put the mask on him, it would probably make me falls to bits. So my hubby and I walked down to theatre and it was there i had to kiss him goodbye before his daddy took him into the theatre which totally broke my heart. I kissed him and walked away then stood against a wall with tears streaming down my face.

When hubby came out I could see he was tearing up to so we went for a walk around the hospital grounds even though it was raining. We both just couldn’t settle until we knew he was ok. Its amazing how much things like this makes us realise just how much we love our children, even though this was a routine operation and we knew he would be fine somehow it was really upsetting for us. I even found it strange watching hubby get emotional because its a side of him i never see.

After an hour had past a nurse came and told us he was out of theatre and having a nap and that everything went well. So we got to go to the recovery ward and sit with him while he was coming round. When he came round we were moved back to the ward and he was given some toast and juice which didn’t last long as he had it ate before any of the other bigger kids on the ward so he was definitely feeling a little better. Another hour past and we were allowed to take him home which was a great as it had been a long day.jdhosp

The next day we had a nurse out to check his scars and to see how he was doing, this went on for a few days before he was completely discharged. We had to take extra special care when lifting him and changing his nappies so that we didn’t stretch the skin around his scars but maybe all that’s a story for another day.

I am just glad that its all over now and he recovered so well which makes me proud to be his mummy plus only one week after his operation he took his first steps so i was extra proud of him.