Our Little Mans 2nd Birthday

I can’t believe my little man has turned two this past week, I suppose really he is now officially a toddler even though we keep calling him our baby. It was lovely to see him understand a little what was going on and that we were having a special day that was just for him, were family and friends bought him cards and gifts. He really enjoyed tearing into the presents one by one and I was even lucky enough to get a little video clip of him doing so. The night before his party we had taken him down to see some fireworks that were going on in village only 20 minutes drive away but we also went to a Victorian Christmas market they were doing. The joys of having winter birthdays.Anyways he absolutely love watching the fireworks.

We had a little party for him at home this year because lets face it how many friends do you have at 2 years old and most of my friends don’t have kids his age or don’t have kids at all but never the less we had a lovely afternoon with the family and had food, cake and giggles. He had a lovely Peppa Pig cake in the shape of a car. He adores peppa pig and always makes piggy noises when he see it. He really enjoyed eating his cake.

Its amazing how the time flies past but now that he is officially a toddler I can wait to see what little steps he achieves over the next year like potty training and learning more big words. He amazes me everyday and not to get to soppy but i couldn’t picture my life without him or his sister.