Family Friday Round Up (10/2/17)

I decided that I would start writing a weekly round up about whats been going on in our family life and maybe someday we can look back on these memories. So here goes.

This past weekend we decided on a trip to the garden centre which was holding a gardening club for kids. We had never taken them to it before and heard its on each Saturday at the start of the month so I decided we would go and try it. Its about 45 minutes drive way to get there. My dad lives up close to the garden centre so it meant we could take the kids to see there grandad at the same time.

The kids gardening club was amazing they really had thought of everything. When we went in they give each of the kids a plastic plant pot to sit and decorate. They had tables set up with glues, glitters,stitters and also sort of crafting type things. After the kids were done they were taken up stairs in groups to the main part of the centre were they got given soil in there pot and got to plant two shallots in them. They were both thrilled. Afterwards the kids were all brought up to the back part of the cafe were they got to wash there hands before getting given a glass of water and a biscuit each so needless today this kept my two happy.

After the gardening centre fun we popped to the shopping centre for a look around and for some lunch before heading over to visit grandad.

Sunday was a lazy family day and of course there was getting organised for school the next day.

The rest of the week wasn’t as exciting, just our usual routine of school for my daughter and her ballet classes and brownies during the week.

Mid week I took my father in law over the nursing home to visit his wife (My Mother in law). She’s ill so is currently in a home for the mean time.

This week my son enjoyed his session in mums and tots, I think it really helps him to get to play with other kids his age and I love chatting getting to all the other mums and good to know your not alone with this whole parenting thing and we all have are good and bad days.

Anyways thats my round up for this week, Thanks for reading.