Family Friday Round Up (17/2/17)

Its been quite a busy week with lots going and my daughter is off for half term so I have been trying to keep her and her bother busy.

Over the weekend it was mine and hubbys Wedding anniversary. We hadn’t really made any big plans for it but we decided to take the kids out to the forest for a little walk and some lunch. They both had a great time and feel asleep on the car journey home. That evening hubby decided that he would cook for us since it was a special day so I put the kids to bed then he called me downstairs for dinner, I walked into the room and was completely surprised, he had set the table all set up with candles and a lovely red table cloth. It was such a lovely surprise and isn’t something he would normally do. The meal was gorgeous and it defiantly made the day complete.

On Valentines day we decided to take the kids out shopping and for some lunch at Yo Sushi, we all love eating sushi and this is defiantly one of our favourite restaurants. So it was a nice little treat for us all. Since it was valentines day we give our kids a little card to make them feel special and feel part of the day.

The rest of the week was pretty quiet as the weather wasn’t the best to be venturing out anywhere so the kids and I enjoyed some movies and cuddles.