Family Friday Round Up (24/2/17)

So this past weekend we attended a Star Wars type convention with the kids and they had a great time and were both well behaved throughout the whole day which was a big plus.My hubby is a massive star wars fan and had been dying to go to this for weeks. It was well put together inside the place and there was lots of characters all dressed up from the movies.As you walked around the place you could take pictures with the various characters and there was backdrops behind each of them with different scenes from the movies which i think give it that extra touch. It wasn’t easy getting the toddler to take pictures with any of the characters as he was a bit freaked out by them and only seem to like them at the distance and as soon as he got close to any he would grab on to one of us.During the day they put on a little parade of all the star wars characters that were dressed up and put on a tribute on the big screen to the late Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) and Kenny Baker (R2D2) which was really lovely to watch.I really don’t know who had more fun the kids or my hubby.

This week my mother was taken into hospital so that was a little dramatic but thankfully nothing too serious when I went up to visit her and she got home after a few days in there. I also went to visit my mother in law in the nursing home too, its some what of a routine between us now to go over and visit her as she can have good and bad days with her illness along with her meds making her extremely anxious and confused a lot so needless to say it can be a bit of a challenge with her at times.

One of my highlights this week was when my little man curled up with me in bed watching tv and fell asleep in my arms, this is something that doesn’t normally happen and it was nice to have cuddles with him for a change. Since he’s got bigger he’s not so much into cuddles like was when he was a baby although he always likes to give hugs to any family or friends that visit providing he’s not in terrible twos melt down mode.

Happy Friday and Enjoy the Weekend