Family Update (February 2017)

I decided that I would start writing monthly updates as a little insight in our family life and also for our family to look back on.

At the start of the month we decided on a trip to the garden centre which was holding a gardening club for kids. We had never taken them to it before and heard its on each Saturday at the start of the month so I decided we would go and try it. Its about 45 minutes drive way from were we are. My dad lives up close to the garden centre so it meant we could take the kids to see their grandad at the same time, so it was win win.

The kids gardening club was amazing they really had thought of everything. When we went in they give each of the kids a plastic plant pot to decorate. They had tables set up with glues, glitters,stitters and also sort of crafting type things. After the kids were done they were taken up stairs in groups to the main part of the centre were they got given soil in there pot and got to plant two shallots in them. They were both thrilled. Afterwards the kids were all brought up to the back part of the cafe were they got to wash their hands before getting given a glass of water and a biscuit each so needless it  kept my two happy.

I have been taking my father in law over to the nursing home for some visits to his wife recently(My Mother in law). She’s very ill so is currently in a home for the mean time and so the family are covering various visiting shifts to see her.

This month it was mine and hubbys Wedding anniversary. We hadn’t really made any big plans for it but we decided to take the kids out to the forest for a little walk and some lunch. They both had a great time and feel asleep on the car journey home. That evening hubby decided that he would cook for us since it was a special day so I put the kids to bed then he called me downstairs for dinner, I walked into the room and was completely surprised, he had set the table all set up with candles and a lovely red table cloth. It was such a lovely surprise and isn’t something he would normally do. The meal was gorgeous and it defiantly made the day complete.

On Valentines day we decided to take the kids out shopping and for some lunch at Yo Sushi, we all love eating sushi and Yo Sushi is one of our favourite restaurants to visit. So it was a nice little treat for us all. Since it was valentines day we give our kids a little card to make them feel special and feel part of the day.

The last weekend in the month we attended a Star Wars type convention with the kids and they had a great time and were both well behaved throughout the whole day which was a big plus.My hubby is a massive star wars fan and had been dying to go to this for weeks. It was well put together inside the place and there was lots of characters all dressed up from the movies.As you walked around the place you could take pictures with the various characters and there was backdrops behind each of them with different scenes from the movies which i think give it that extra touch. It wasn’t easy getting the toddler to take pictures with any of the characters as he was a bit freaked out by them and only seem to like them at the distance and as soon as he got close to any he would grab on to one of us.During the day they put on a little parade of all the star wars characters that were dressed up and put on a tribute on the big screen to the late Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) and Kenny Baker (R2D2) which was really lovely to watch.I really don’t know who had more fun the kids or my hubby.