Family Friday Round Up (3/3/17)

This week we had lots of fun making pancakes on pancake day. It got lovely and messy in the kitchen when the toddler joined in but he sure enjoyed being part of it, he loved helping to stir the pancake mix and he even tasted it (yuk what was he thinking). We made that many pancakes that we didn’t even have dinner that night and my daughter even went to her brownies club that evening and made even more pancakes. I think I have eaten enough to do me until next year.img_2939

World Book day was also this week and this year my daughter choose to dress up as belle from beauty and the beast as she’s excited for the new live action movie coming out soon and she has been reading her beauty and the beast book at home. This is also one of my favourite Disney movie’s as a child. So that morning when I was helping her get all dressed  up we were both dancing around the living room to the soundtrack of the movie like two crazy people, and even the little man joined in too with half his cereal split down his pjs.(Rolls eyes)

Hubby and I had a bit of a fright this week because our toddler showed us he can climb up the ladder on his sisters bed all the way to the top! They were both playing in the bed room and we were in the next room then all of a sudden we heard our daughter shouting that the wee man was climbing up the ladders so hubby run in and couldn’t believe the little man had actually climbed to the top. He’s getting more daring everyday at this rate i will need to baby gate our daughters room too.

This week our toddler group moved to a nice new building and once we got inside my toddler seen all the toys and wouldn’t have even known it was a different place. They had a nice new selection of toys for the kids to play with so needless to say he had a great time and he seemed to totally fall in love the the little tikes car.