Family Friday Round Up (31/3/17)

I have been quiet on my blog for a while due to the death of my mother-in-law. The past few weeks have been hard on the family and there has been a lot to sort out and organise but i thought I would come back to sharing our little family updates.

Last week we decided to take the kids to a Folk & Transport museum, mainly because our little man has a big obsession with trains, cars and buses at the minute and we thought this would be great for him. When we arrived there and started walking around the place our little mans face just light up, it was like he was at his own version of disney land. He couldn’t stop shouting out choo choo,choo choo. He had so much fun walking around looking at old trains and even climbing into some. Of course our daughter enjoyed it to, she’s at the age now were she asks a lot of questions about everything and lets just say lucky I have google on my phone because I can’t always answer them lol.

On mothers day I was a very spoilt mummy, I had breakfast in bed followed by lovely gifts from my two kiddies. My daughter give me a lovely card, candle,mum of the year page with lovely things wrote on it and flowers which she made herself in school. I also got some chocolates and lovely new charm for my bracelet. And a lovely card from each of my kids. We then spent the afternoon tidying up the front garden while the little man was napping. We planted lots of lovely new flowers and my daughter really enjoyed helping out with that. I couldn’t have asked for a better mothers day.

I also have to praise how well behaved the toddler (aka The little man) has been this week as he had two days of having to watch me fill in forms for my father-in-law and he sat and played with his toy cars the whole time without having any melt downs.

This week my daughter lost another one of her teeth so there was a visit from the tooth fairy to our house. Very glad she lost it as it had been hanging in there for weeks and when it came out you could see the new one already there.



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