Family Update (April 2017)

This month my daughter lost another one of her teeth so there was a visit from the tooth fairy to our house. Very glad she lost it as it had been hanging in there for weeks and when it came out you could see the new one already there and she wasn’t for letting do the old fashion string on the door.

Our daughter finished school this month for the Easter holidays for two whole weeks! She got a certificate from the school for her swimming. This past term she had started swimming lessons in school and she is doing really well at it. I would love to say that I enjoyed not having to get up for the school runs but with a toddler in our house it just doesn’t happen, he is normally singing or playing with toys in his room at like 6-7am.

C9Re-n_XcAAlyLxBig milestone this month for the little man he used his potty for the first time.(woop woop). He was so pleased with himself and we all made a big fuss over him and even let him have a few chocolate buttons as a reward. So bring on the potty training!

Easter was great we enjoyed a lovely dinner together at home with some of the family and of course lots of chocolate. We even bought the grandads an egg so they didn’t feel left out and of course our toddler had one and thought all his Christmases at once.(Oh the sugar rush)