Family Friday Round Up (26/5/17)

So this week my daughter had a prize giving event in her Sunday school so we took the family down to see her including my father-in-law. She had a few lines to read out which she did very well at. Afterwards we went out for a Sunday Lunch together which was lovely expect the toddler decided to turn into a little beast and refuse to eat and then only wanted nothing but sausages, to be fair he was very sleepy and when he is sleepy he can have a right little temper one him.

Waking Up on Tuesday morning to hear about the terrorist attack in Manchester was absolutely heart breaking. So many innocents peoples lives lost. I had sky news on most of the day and my daughter who is only 8 found it very hard to understand why such a thing could happen. It is truly hard to explain it all to child but I believe the best way is to let them ask you the questions.

On a lighter note this week our little man is starting to use the potty a lot more and starting to be more confident with it were as before he was a little anxious about sitting on it.

We have starting a little bit of decorating in our hallway by refreshing the paint on the walls and skirting boards which isn’t too easy when you have to active kids running around so most of it had to be done at night when they were in bed so that it would dry overnight.

On Friday we enjoyed the lovely warm weather and spent a lot of time outdoors. We also went for a lovely meal out with the kids and there grandad (my father-in-law), it was his idea, think he fancied a nice treat after all the painting he done on our garden fence.