Family Update (May 2017)

So the start of this month was my birthday! Not just my any birthday but my 30th Birthday! Yea that does make me feel slightly old lol. Not sure how I feel about being 30 lol. Anyways we had planned a party at our home with some family and friends, or so I thought. The week before I had invited everyone and been buying in various party bits for the house and not to mention all the cleaning and so on. Then Saturday comes and everything is all ready for the guests arriving and I ask my hubby was there anything else that needed done while he was making some sandwiches to which he said he would like me to dust the tv, xbox and playstation and clean round it to which of course I did.(not knowing any better).

2pm arrives and no had turned up yet which i thought was rather strange especially for my father who is never late for anything in his life. Then after a little while my hubby turns round and says to me right get in the car! And I was like what but what about everyone coming to the house? to which he replied ‘we have to go to your mums’. So I was pretty confused and just went with it. He packed the kids in the car and off we went to my mums and my goodness I had the shock of my life when we pulled up at my mums house. 30 banners everywhere and when I walked in the house it was full of all our family and friends. I was totally speechless and then my mum hands me a box and inside the box was a special book that she made and it was 30 years of pictures of me from birth to now, well this had me burst into tears in front of everyone I was completely overwhelmed by it all. I couldnt believe my hubby and mum planned all this. Have to admit he got me good one and making me clean his tv and his xbox, ill have to get him back for that one,lol.

Hubby and I went away this month together to Barcelona to see the Spanish Grand Prix, it was amazing and we enjoyed every minute. Look for my post about our trip.

At the end of the month my daughter had a prize giving event in her Sunday school so we took the family down to see her including my father-in-law. She had a few lines to read out which she did very well at. Afterwards we went out for a Sunday Lunch together which was lovely expect the toddler decided to turn into a little beast and refuse to eat and then only wanted nothing but sausages, to be fair he was very sleepy and when he is sleepy he can have a right little temper one him.

Waking Up on Tuesday 23th to hear about the terrorist attack in Manchester was absolutely heart breaking. So many innocents peoples lives lost. I had sky news on most of the day and my daughter who is only 8 found it very hard to understand why such a thing could happen. It is truly hard to explain it all to child but I believe the best way is to let them ask you the questions and answer as best as you can.

On a lighter note this month our little man is starting to use the potty a lot more and starting to be more confident with it were as before he was a little anxious about sitting on it.