Family Friday Round Up (23/6/17)

With the weather being so good we have had lots of outdoor fun this week. The past weekend we set up the water table for the kids to play on, although its mostly for our toddler to play with. Anyway both kids really enjoyed it and both need to be completely striped down and changed, especially the little man, even his shoes and socks got soak because of how much they were splashing. Hubby decided to have an impromptu BBQ in the garden with the kids so it was off round to the local butchers who only had 3 burgers left in the whole shop. Everyone must have been thinking the same. Luckily we got a pile of sausages which is our little mans favourite food at the minute.image1-5

With Sunday being fathers day I brought my dad down for a lovely home cooked Sunday roast with the family and let hubby have the day of from any nappies, cooking, cleaning ect. So needless to say he enjoyed his day. He got a lovely mouse mat with the kids pictures on it and a mini toolkit which my daughter picked out for him. And of course I spoilt him to with a new ps4 game for him to chill out with. He’s very much into his gaming.


This week I have also been trying to get rid of some junk in the house, it amazing the stuff you gather up over the years and it doesn’t help that I can be a bit of a hoarder with some things.

Potty training is still underway and this week the little man is managing to stay dry in his pull ups while he has little afternoon sleeps so we are slowly progressing and with any luck will be ready for his playgroup in September.