The Nando’s Experience

Recently I briefly wrote in our family updates that we had been to nando’s for the first time with the kids and my father so I thought I would share a little more of our experience.

It was a little busy when we arrived but it was well worth the wait, and I always think if a place is busy then it must be good. The staff were very friendly and nothing was too much for them. We got seated in a lovely big table so there was plenty of room for us all to relax.

If you have been here before you probably already know that when you choose your type of chicken you also choose your level of hotness you would like it to be, it starts from plain right the way up to extra hot. As it was our first time we decided to go for medium since they had a wide range of sauces that you put on yourself. For the kids we chose plain chicken strips with a side of chips and corn, then for the adults we chose a boneless sharing patter which consisted of four tights and butterfly chicken (chicken breasts) and for our sides we chose peri peri chips, corn and coleslaw. The soft drinks were refillable which was great and for the kids they could chose milk or cordial, of course my daughter chose cordial and my little man had milk.

image1-6When the food arrived  at the table it was beautifully presented and the chicken had a little flag in it to indicate its hotness which of course the kids found fascinating and wanted to play with.

So on to the sauces, we decided that we would try all the sauces along the list one by one starting with the lowest which was lemon & herb to which my daughter feel in love with so much so that we had to buy her some to take home, then on to the highest sauces was the peri peri vusa which was even higher than the extra extra hot! That’s when it got all to spicy for me to handle but my hubby on the other hand loved the really hot ones, I don’t know how he does it and with no reaction to the hotness lol.

I would like to point out how impressed I was that the kids ate everything and were so well behaved the whole time we was there, plus the crayons and colouring might have helped. I love when restaurant have colours and pages for the kids.

All in all I have to say the food was absolutely amazing, beautifully cooked and definitely  can’t wait to go back again some day. Oh and they even have a loyalty card were you can earn chilli point to earn things such as a free side or chicken.

We literally don’t have one complaint or bad thing to say about our experience there and even my father who we brought enjoyed everything about it.

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