Family Update (June 2017)

This month we went to the annual Spring Continental market.  I love going up to buy the various German sausage meats at it plus they are great for making paella (one of my favourite dishes). And of course while we were there we had some of the various foods on offer to try, we had hog roast, paella,hot dog and some pork stew between us all. Now I have to admit I wasn’t a fan of the pork stew and there was olives through it. I do like olives but not in stew and neither did my daughter.image1-4

I did the Cancer Research 5k Race for Life this month in memory of my mother-in-law who past away in March this year. It was a very emotional day with ups and downs and I even got a shock when my husband turned up with our kids, his father and my father at the finish line. Afterwards my father-in-law insisted that he took us out for a Sunday lunch. I am so glad I did this as it meant alot to me.

On the Bank Holiday Monday we took the kids and their grandad (my dad) for there very first nando’s and they loved it. My daughter loved trying all the different sauces and she asked me to buy some for the house when I bought the weekly shop which i have done so hopefully we can recreate some of the taste at home.

We went to see our little mans playgroup that he will be starting in September. He’s still to young for his full time nursery place but we managed to get him a part time place that we fund ourselves. We did this when my daughter was little too as I think it good to get them out of the house and encourages their learning and of course lots of play time fun without messing our house up lol. He loved the nursery that much that he cried and didn’t want to leave, lets hope thats the case come September.

On fathers day I brought my dad down for a lovely home cooked Sunday roast with the family and let hubby have the day of from any nappies, cooking, cleaning ect. So needless to say he enjoyed his day. He got a lovely mouse mat with the kids pictures on it and a mini toolkit which my daughter picked out for him. And of course I spoilt him to with a new ps4 game for him to chill out with. He’s big into his gaming.

The little mans potty training is still underway and he is managing to stay dry in his pull ups while he has little afternoon sleeps so we are slowly progressing and with any luck will be ready for his playgroup in September.