10 Things I Have Experienced Being A School Mum

  1. School Uniforms Are Awesome – I wasn’t keen on school uniform when I was little but how silly was I because now they are a lifesaver and all I have to do is make sure they’re clean and thanks to the uniform manufacturers they dry straight so No ironing, no stressing.
  2. Sports Day, Fairs and Plays – These become part of your life but its up to you how much effort you put into it. I personally always try and attend all these events as I love seeing the kids dressed up in plays and running on sports day but I totally respect that not everyone is able to make all these things due to work or other commitments but by no means does it make you a bad parent thats just life.
  3. Bullying Will Happen -Think your kid won’t be bullied? Think again. You may think they’re tough enough or smart enough to stand up for themselves but it’s often the kid you least expect that ends up the victim. And of course its horrible when it’s your kid. It  can affect kids in many different ways so always watch for any cues that they may be dealing with something you don’t know about. Unfortunately this happened to my daughter in P2 and its only because I know her well that I knew there was something wrong and she was being very quite when she would come home from school which wasn’t like her so I sat her down and spoke to her about it and she told me that a girl in her class was calling her names, pushing her around and swore at her. Of course as a parent I automatically saw red and wanted to go straight to the school and scream bloody murder, but honestly in this situation the best thing to do is contact the the school and explain which is what I did and thankfully it worked out for us as the teacher had a talk with the little girl and she stopped doing all the horrible things but I suppose still being young and only in p2 it can be easier to deal with but with older kids it might be harder.
  4. Fund Raising/School Trips – Sometimes it can feel like schools are constantly asking for money for this and that, if its not money for school trips its money for some sort of fund raising or non uniform day. Now I don’t mind paying it by no means but sometimes I feel like theres always something they want money for so be prepared.
  5. That one Teacher – If you are a school mum like myself you will know exactly what I mean and if your not be prepared, there will most likely be that one teacher that no one will like or get one with very well. It might be that there very strict on the kids or maybe its they act above there station when you meet them for parent interviews who knows.Best thing to do is just grin and bear it until the year is over and hope for the best next time.
  6. Homeworks – In my opinion when my daughter gets home from school I like to try and get the homework over with as I find later on in the evening she would get to tired and loose interest in it which can make it last twice as long. I have also found that when the kids are asked to do a project like making something at home some parents can be very competitive with this sort of thing.
  7. Parenting Clique– Need I say more, I think this happens at most school gates. My advice however is just be yourself. I don’t really believe in pretending to be something your not.
  8. Lunches – If you send in pack lunches they want dinners, if you send them for dinners they want pack lunch so I found you can’t really win with this one but honestly do whatever suits your family needs.
  9. Head Lice – Yep this is one that goes around and on a few occasions I have received notes home from school informing parents its going around but thankfully so far my daughter hasn’t ever got them so I haven’t had to experience it yet so fingers crossed.
  10. Birthday Partys – Be prepared for the birthday party invites throughout the year from there friends and the mind field of guessing what to get them. I always tried to let my daughter go to them all because I find if you do then turn they will most likely attend your childs party plus it good for to play and get on outside the school environment.

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