My Ectopic Pregnancy 10 Years On

Today is 10 Years since I suffered my first ectopic pregnancy and if it wasn’t for the amazing doctors and nurses in the hospital at the time I wouldn’t be here today to tell the story. See I was told after all the drama that the internal bleeding I had was so bad that another hour or two without surgery and I wouldn’t be here. Despite being 10 years ago there is still some memories that will always be just as fresh to me as the day it happened and I expect them to be for the rest of my days.

So how do I feel 10 years on? Well honestly it never really leaves you so I guess theres some days I still think about it or think about what could have/should have been but then I think to myself how far I have come over the past ten years and I have two beautiful children who I never thought i’d be able to have especially my second one as we tried for years until our only chance was IVF. Theres times I get down about that too and about how hard it was but I definitely feel grateful for the way things are now as I know that there are others out there who may not have been as lucky as myself. For years after I used to feel like it was my fault it all happened or that it was something I done but I have learnt from then that it was simply one of them thing and a spot of bad luck I guess. I truly never wish anyone to go through this but back when it happened to me a second time I found out about the ectopic pregnancy trust and that really helped me, especially reading stories of what others went through as it was good to know I wasn’t alone but no matter how many years pass by on this date or anytime I look at the scar I still have on my skin I will always remember my little angel in the sky and be thankful that I am here today to be a mum and a wife.

If you would like to read my story here is the link below

My Journey Through Ectopic Pregnancy


Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

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