Family Update (August 2017)

I can’t believe its nearly time for the kids to go back school and for our little man to start his playgroup but here we are into september and here’s a little update of what we have been up to the past month.

We went on holiday for a week in Galway in Ireland, we loved every minute of it. We had rented a house for a week and shared it with my mum and her husband and also my father in law. It was quite a fun pack week with various trips outs. On are first day we took the kids to see despicable me 3 as they had been going on about seeing it ever since it came out. During the week we visited a open farm and the kids got to feed animals and then play around in the different kids play areas. We literally spent a whole day at the place and needless to say both the kids were fast asleep before we even got back to the house. While we were staying at the house the kids shared a room together so that was fun but they seem to get on really well expect my daughter wasn’t happy about her bother waking her up very early every morning but what can you do lol.IMG_5277

While we were in galway we visited the city centre for some shopping and on the day before we were leaving we took a drive down to the house where father ted was filmed and took a few pictures of it. We also stopped at a lovely pub and had some lunch and of course when in Ireland my lunch was Guinness stew and a pint of the black stuff. It was delicious and I would love to try and make some at home myself. Overall the break away was lovely and it was great spending time as a family before school starts again.

The last week in august was a busy one sorting the kids out with various things for going back to school and Mr J starting playgroup soon and of course what felt like endless hours of labelling all the uniforms. Although I can’t complain too much cause I had a lovely shopping trip out with the kids alone to get all the bits and I was sort of proud that I managed to do alone without any fights or tantrums.