Tesco Taste Festival 2017

This year marked the 9th Annual Tesco Taste Festival in Northern Ireland and for myself it was my 3rd Year attending it. Now if your a lover of food like myself this is definitely worth a visit and if your into your free samples then you will truly be in food heaven here.


The festival itself was a weekend long event which was located in Belfast’s City’s Custom House Square.It was held inside a large marque with over 60 stalls inside who were all local producers and suppliers to Tesco N.I. Now there was far to many lovely brands to name so here below is a map of all those who attend and who very kindly let everyone try samples of what they had on offer.


(Image Above taken from TasteNi.com)

As my family and I walked around all the stalls trying all the different samples I can honestly say there wasn’t a thing that wasn’t tried or tested by us.(Hardly surprising as my kids are like little raccoons that eat everything in sight ,lol) There was so much on offer to try from breads to buns,crisps,yoghurts,ham’s,sauages,coleslaws and many more. It truly was a foodies heaven.



We purchased a few items from various stalls to take home and try ourselves which was an added bonus for us. All the staff at the stalls were very friendly and easy approachable.

I was also surprised to learn of some of the brands that are from N.I which I never would have guessed were before.


Throughout the day there was various cooking demonstrations being held using local produce.


I have to say my Family and I really enjoyed our visit to the tesco taste festival and we will be back visiting again next year.

The event is free to enter and so I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves there food and drink. Trust me you won’t regret it.


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