The Unhappy Birthday & Celebrating Your Life

An Open Letter To My Mother-In-Law.

Dear Mother-In-Law,

Today would have been your birthday, we would have went out for dinner as a family, we would have had birthday cake. You would have enjoyed spending time with your family and watching your grandchildren play but instead there is no family dinner, no birthday cake and no being able to watch your grandchildren play for the sad reason is you are no longer with us. God had other plans for you.

Instead today we will be thinking of you, missing you and remembering all the fun times we had together over the years.

The family miss you so much and impartially today as its the first birthday that you are not around.

So much has happened in our lives over the past 6 months since you have been gone and I wish we could share it with you. I wish you could see how fast your grandchildren are growing up. How proud you would be of the little man starting his playgroup this week and how proud you would be of your granddaughter being in big P5 now. So much has changed and I wish you could be here to see it. Sometimes we like to think that you looking down and watching over us.

So Today we sent a message up to heaven to say ‘Happy Birthday Dear Mother,Grandmother & Mother-in-Law, We miss you everyday’.


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