Family Update (October 2017)

This past month has really flew by for us, mostly because the whole house has been poorly with the cold and flu and we have had to take it easy and look after each other.

At the start of this month our little man took ill and ended up in hospital for a few days and it was heartbreaking watching him laying there in a hospital bed. I never left his side and even slept at night in a chair beside him which wasn’t easy and I became so exhausted I even made myself sick but I just couldn’t rest until I had my little boy home. He had to have various tests done and the doctors said he had an viral and bacterial infection.His temperatures had been going up as high as 41 degrees,he wasn’t eating or drinking and started being sick which was worrying. He was put on antibiotics as his chest X-ray showed up something. Thankfully after a week he started to become himself again and then was able to go back to his playgroup.

Hubby and I have both been suffering with the flu this month so the house has suffered a little and so has my blog if am honest but I am glad we are feeling better again. Our daughter managed to escape all the sickness which was good since she has been pretty busy with her school work this month.

Mr J has really settled into his playgroup and he seems to love going and gets on well with the other children. Have to admit I do miss him when he’s in playgroup.


The kiddies got a week off school and playgroup for halloween so they have had lots of fun making their pumpkins and dressing up.We also did some sparklers out our back garden which Mr J was fascinated by but he wasn’t so keen on the noise of fireworks going off around us and that night he ended up in our bed because the noise of the bangs was frightening him and he wouldn’t stay in his own room.

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