Hand,Foot and Mouth Disease

Hand,foot and mouth disease, until this week I can honestly say I had never heard of it before, (well expect for the one that cows get lol) anyways over the weekend hubby and I noticed a little rash developing on our little man’s face and body but we first thought it was a heat rash as his temperature up a little so we thought no more about it until the next day when the rash got worse and was more obvious on his face, hands and legs. So we called the doctor to get him checked over and he told us that our little man had a viral infection and it should clear up in a few day but he also told us it was ok for him to still go to his playgroup.

I took him into playgroup and explained to them what the spots were on his face to which they informed that there was other kids that had it too and that it was Hand,Foot and Mouth that was going around in the playgroup. Well I was a little glad to hear he wasn’t the only one that had it but also a little angry that no one had been told as it is a contagious virus but there is no rules about kids having to stay off from playgroup so I just went with it and let him go in like the others.Every playgroup/nursery and school has there own rules on this so its best to check before going to send them in. Apart from the spots/rash he was the same little man and had no other symptoms, was eating normal and playing around normal so that was a good thing.

I did a little research into Hand,Foot and month disease and it is caused by a virus called coxsackievirus. Some of the symptoms can include  ulcers, sores/spots, inside or around the mouth, and a rash or blisters on the hands, feet, legs. Its not a serious thing and there is no treatment however it normally clears up in around a week but I would recommend a visit to the doctor to clarify that it is Hand,foot and mouth . It is contagious and unfortunately anyone can get the disease, but children under age 10 are more likely to catch it. The only was to stop it spreading to wash your hand especially after wiping runny noses or changing nappies. Thankfully no one else in our house caught it.

Here is what it looked like on our little man.