Family Update (November 2017)

November is our busy month full of birthdays with both are kids birthdays, my granny’s and my mum’s birthday all in the same month so there has been lots of parties and celebrating this month.

For our daughters birthday this year we had a big family gathering in our house with lots of yummy food and snacks for everyone. (half of which was thanks to Icelands party food range).

For our son’s birthday we all went out for dinner with some of the family which I really enjoyed especially since I didn’t have to do the cooking this time, oh and the bottle of prosecco might have helped,lol. Mr J had a great time as there was a soft play area in the restaurant we went to so that made his day. His birthday was during a week day so I sent a birthday cake into the playgroup for him to enjoy with his friends in there.

This month I have been trying my best to get organised for Christmas coming soon so there has been lots of shopping, lots of card making and lots of organising and tidying in the house ready for the Christmas decorations.