Family Update (February 2018)

This month has been crazy busy and the kids were also off from school and playgroup for half term so it was up to me to keep them both entertained while they were off.

With it being pancake Tuesday this month we made some lovely pancakes together with some scramble eggs and bacon for breakfast which didn’t stay on plates very long and of course hubby tried to show off his skills by flipping a pancake and hitting the ceiling leaving a big stain (rolls eyes).

This month was mine and hubby’s wedding anniversary and we have a lovely meal together and took a drive to the place were we had our first date 11 years ago. Doesn’t time fly by.

This month the little man seems to be very into to helping me out the kitchen with everything that he can from cleaning dishes to stirring the pots. He’s also learnt to set the table now and is being very fussy making sure his cutlery colours matches.(there plastic ones from ikea)

Miss H has been enjoying reading books lately and every night before she sleeps I see her sitting reading to herself in bed which is great.Both the kids love it when we sit together and read stories. Lately we have been reading though a new series of books called Freddy Buttons Adventures and they are both loving them.