12 Weeks Pregnant – Twins Update

We are very excited to announce to the world that we are expecting twins due at the end of October 2018 and I am excited to now start sharing my weekly pregnancy update here on the blog.

All of our family have been told and they are thrilled about the good news and of course our two kiddies were very excited when we told them about there new siblings coming soon. I do have to admit it was definitely a bit of a shock to us at the start when we had our 6 week early scan and I am pretty sure hubby near fell of the chair when we got told theres two in there (lol) but we are both so excited to start our new adventure together.


How far am I?

12+5 Weeks

This week baby is the size of a Plum

How the babies are doing?

We had our 12 week scan and both babies are doing great and measuring in at the right size. It was amazing to get to see them moving on the screen and we even got to see one of them moving their arms around.

My Pregnancy Symptoms

My sickness has been extremely bad and I was admitted to hospital for fluids for 3 days.Since 6 weeks I have been suffering with hyperemesis and it has been tough as I have been in and out of hospital. I never suffered like this with my first two so this has been quite the experience so far.

How am feeling?

I am pretty fed up with the sickness and it can get upsetting at times when I can’t go far or do a lot without having a basin near me so I hope it goes away soon because am definitely not having the lovely pregnancy glow that everyone talk about about, more like sweat and vomit glow lol.

Cravings this week

This week with how sick I still feel I have been mostly drinking strawberry water but no real cravings for food.

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