16 Weeks Pregnant – Twins Update

How far am I?

16+1 Weeks

Fun Fact

This week baby is the size of a Avocado and baby chest starts to expand, drawing amniotic fluid into the lungs to prepare the lungs for breathing. 

My Pregnancy Symptoms

This week I have been getting a lot of heartburn to which everyone says ‘oh that means your going to have babies with lots of hair’. Yea well if thats true then this week alone means they are going to come out looking like chewbacca from star wars,lol. Sickness this week wasn’t to bad until yesterday when I started vomiting again which sucks but thanks to ice lollies and ice cold water hope I stay hydrated enough to stay at home because I hated being in the hospital stuck on drips all day and night.

How am feeling?

I have been feeling a little bit fed up with the sickness and how long its been going on for but at least its for a good reason.

I have been doing a little research online this week to find a good pram for the twins and to honest I haven’t found one yet and had to give up for a little because I wanted to pull my hair in frustration trying to find one that does everything I want. Maybe I should blame the hormones on that little melt down.

Cravings this week

This week with my nausea I have been pretty much living on ice lollies but at least its the weather for it. Cola and orange seem to be the ones am favouring the most.

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