20 Weeks Pregnant – Twins Update


How far am I?

20+5 Days

Fun Fact

This week baby is the size of a banana. Fetal kicks may also be much more prominent at this stage.

My Pregnancy Symptoms

This week I have started to feel more like myself again and the nausea has calmed down a little so hopefully it stays that way. The heartburn has been getting pretty bad but its mostly at night I get it and then of course theres the pains in my back and hips, the joy of been pregnant. I remember getting back pain in my last two pregnancies so I think it might be time to pull out my pregnancy ball.

How am feeling?

This week I have been getting more excited and I think thats down to my nausea starting to clearing up a bit and the fact I have started buying a few bits in for twins.We go for our 20 week scan this week which am very excited about it. Its always lovely to see them up on the screen and of course get reassurance that everything is going the right way. I have found it hard sleeping at night with the hot weather but thankfully we have a fan in the bedroom and one in the living room which has helped a lot. I definitely recommend having a fan around in the hot weather especially if your pregnant because I find that too much of the heat can make my nausea bad.

Cravings this week

I wouldn’t say am having any big craving this week but with the weather being very warm I’m very much into eating salads and sandwich’s and pretty much all foods that are cold.


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