Family Update (June 2018)

Wow we are in to the end of June already, where has the time gone. It won’t be long until the kids are finished for the summer time.

Our little man finishes his playgroup at the end of this month and will be heading into big nursery next year. I imagine it will be a little emotional saying goodbye to everyone at playgroup on the last day, I just can’t believe how fast he growing up. He has already finished his toddler group this month that we had been going to once a week since he was 6 months although I have a feeling I will be back when the twins are born. The little man really enjoyed going to his toddler group and so did I, it was a lovely place and everyone there is so warm and friendly.

My pregnancy sickness has been improving which has been great as I have started to get back to feeling more like myself just in time to enjoy the summer break with the kids.

Miss H had her prize giving in school recently and had a big surprise when she won the millennium cup this year for all her hard work. She had no idea she was getting something and was so embarrassed getting up on stage bless her.

Hubby has been busy this month moving his father into a new place which is much more suitable for him as everything is on the level and easier for him to manage. I think it was a little emotional for both of them leaving the house that my hubby grew up in and the fact that his mum isn’t around to see such big life changing things. He will miss the old house but the kids think there grandads new place is great as theres no stairs and they have lots of space to run around and play in.

temp-3This month our two kiddies have been football mad with the Russia World Cup being on and they have each been collecting stickers for there football books. Its so funny seeing the little man screaming GO GO at the football players everytime theres a match on. As family we aren’t normal big on football and hubby and I more big F1 fans but I think the world cup is definitely an exception.

The weather is has been fantastic this month and we have had lots of fun outside along with a few family BBQ’s. Here’s hoping that the weather stays great for when the kids are off the summer.