23 Weeks Pregnant – Twins Update

D7B50A66-0D95-453A-93C6-01B27090AF4AHow far am I?

23+2 Weeks

Fun Fact

This week baby is the size of a grapefruit and baby’s lung’s blood vessels are developing to prepare for breathing in the outside world. Baby will also start to recognise common noises such as the sound of a car.

My Pregnancy Symptoms

This week has had its ups and downs with my nausea returning, mostly in the mornings. And of course the back and hip pain. I have also been feeling faint and dizzy this week when I am walking around so I will have to mention that to my consultant at my appointment next week.

How am feeling?

I have been feeling mostly tired and sore this week but I haven’t let that stop me getting excited and buying in a few more bits for the twins like sleeping bags, sleep suits and a few body suits all peter rabbit ones. I’m totally in love with all the peter rabbit baby stuff at the minute and of course the fact that I love all things beatrix potter.

Cravings this week

This week my appetite has been pretty bad so I can’t say I have been craving anything much.

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