Family Update (July 2018)

This month has been all about the bathroom refurbishment so we have had lots of different people in and out of the house, from plumbers to tilers but am glad to say it finished now and its over to us to paint and personalised it which is my favourite part. I am totally in love with our new power shower as we never had one before so its a great novelty in our house at the minute.

Image-1Both the kids have been doing the big summer reading challenge in our local library were they challenge themselves to how many books they can read over the summer and each time they take a book back they get a stamp on there special card. This is something are local library have been doing now for a few years which is great to get the kids reading more. The theme this year is all about the sea side and lighthouses. They have been collecting special postcards each time the return book and sticking them into there activities book.

We have been planning a little holiday to Wicklow in Ireland next month which we all excited about. It will mostly likely be our last holiday as a family of four. I wasn’t really up for traveling too far this year just incase anything happened with the babies or I had any pregnancy problems.

We had a gender reveal party this month to let the kids and the rest of the family know the sex of the babies which was so much fun and it was something we never did with our last two. (Read about it here) Our Gender Reveal Party